The BATU GRACE CHILDREN'S HOME WAS ESTABLISHED in January 2008.  It is a non-profit organisation specially established to look into the needs of children, to provide shelter food, education, therapy, medication and general well-being. 

The children who live at the home are Malay Indian and either come from familes where one or both of their parents are in jail or are drug addicts, are victims of domestic violence, have been abandonded or neglected or are from single parents who cannot afford to feed and educate them.

Ramesh has tended to his service at the home unselfishly for over 8 years devoting himself 100% for the welfare of the home and the children.  Ramesh's sister Jaya has relocated form Kuala Lumper to assist him with the running of the home.

The Home's philosophy is 'Breaking the Cycle of Poverty' through education, and when the teenagers have completed their upper high school levels the home then supports them to go onto college where they will receive further education that will give them career

Unfortunately due to various circumstances some sponsors have withdrawn their support from the home and this has created a huge financial burden for Ramesh.  Although the home does receive some funding from Welfare there is still a shortfall of some RM130,000 per year.  

License number: K/PJB/KK 003/2012
Non-profit organisation